• Mathew Parkins

RYP Official Quick Questions with Cory McKenna, James Webb, Jack Eglin

We caught up with Cory Mckenna, James Webb and Jack Eglin and asked them the Official RYP Quick Questions Pack, Here are their answers:

What is your top tip for reaching your peak?

Cory McKenna - Hard work and goal setting are critical – you don’t have time to waste being afraid of failure, give it your 100% effort/attention and the results will follow.

James Webb - So my top tip for reaching my peak, from years of experience and watching all my mentors, training partners and idols. One thing I was always told and stuck to was to never be the fatigued fighter, because that is something you can directly control. When your tired you start making bad decisions which can cost the fight.

Jack Eglin - My top tip to reach my peak is to be smart and hard working. 

If we were playing top trumps, what would your top three skills be?

Cory McKenna - I’d like to think it would be power, courage and intelligence – though I’m sure some may have different opinions haha

James Webb - What sort of top trumps? Is this a question asking about me trying to join the avengers or being a fighter?




Jack Eglin - My top three skills would be striking, confidence, and heart 

What has been the biggest, most challenging part of becoming a fighter?

Cory McKenna - The biggest challenge for me as an athlete is trusting that sometimes less is more – I’m very eager and will always try and squeeze a little extra work in so over the years I have focused a lot of effort on not over training!

James Webb - For me it's funding my journey, between food, supplements, travel, treatment and training gear. It soon leaves you penniless, which is why the guys that truly love the sport are doing it.

Jack Eglin - The most challenging part about becoming a fighter so far has been making weight. 

What is your top tip to aspiring fighters?

Cory McKenna - A coach of mine once said that the fastest way to get around a wall is charge through it -  just get stuck in and learning to love the whole process, I think that is the key.

James Webb - My top tip for aspiring fighters is just commitment. There is no secret. If you truly believe in yourself. COMMIT

Jack Eglin - My top tip to aspiring fighters is to be the hardest worker in the room.

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