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Cage Warriors South East 22 (Full Results + Exclusive Interviews)

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

As official sponsors, we covered the entirety of this brilliant Cage Warriors South East Event.

Getting there nice and early to prepare for the event.

In this blog you'll get the results of every fight, along with exclusive interviews and a bonus playlist at the end.

Let's not waste any time and get right to it.

We got some great interviews from the humble and passionate Luke Trainer after his opponent pulled out, Jack Eglin after his unanimous decision win and Charlotte McKintyre after her impressive win.

Check them out below:

Jack Eglin:

Check out what Charlotte McKintyre had to say after her fight.

Charlotte McKintyre:

Luke Trainer

Fight 1

Guolaugur Por Einarsson (Mjölnir) took the win against Mickael Bucher (Platinum Hybrid MMA) by submission 2.05 minutes in to 2 using a guillotine choke.

Fight 2

After a decent bout and Alex getting a takedown in round one, 37 seconds in to the second round Maghatte Himoud (Coach Sorel Marseille) wins by KO against Alex Dupin (Norman Paraisy Gym).

Fight 3

Jerry Ljunggren (Fighters Lab Oslo) and Erik De Sousa (Frontline Muay Thai) went the full three rounds But Erik took the win with majority decision.

Fight 4

Dan Collins (1st Generation MMA) took the win in the just 2.09 minutes of the first round by KO against Dawid Wrobel (Lord mma).

Fight 5

Josie Blaber (Lions Den Fighters) won this fight 2.55 minutes into the third round against Marie Loiseau (Platinum Hybrid MMA) by TKO.

Fight 6

River O'Callaghan (1st Generation MMA) took the win in 2.23 minutes of the first round by TKO against Lewis Bruton (Force MMA)

Fight 7

Eivor Hoff (Fighters Lab Oslo) wins this fight against Sophia Haddouche (Coach Sorel Marseille) in round 2 by TKO.

Fight 8

Luke Bennett (Corefit MMA) took this fight against Ben Iontton (BKK Fighters) with a rear naked choke 1.13 minutes in to the second round.

Fight 9

After some heavy punches from both fighters, lasting the full three rounds Jason Russell (Combat Sports Academy) takes the win against Ravn Elnaes (Halden Combat Academy) by unanimous decision.

Fight 10

Unfortunately Frantz Carpentier (Independent) and Magnus Onyeka Iversen (Frontline Muay Thai) was called off due to medical complications.

Fight 11

Patrick Bright (Halden Combat Academy) wins this fight by split decision against Rebin Rashid (Fighters Lab Oslo).

Fight 12

Grzegorz Pawlaczek (Dragonslair MMA) wins this fight against Robert Redford (Force MMA) by KO 1.56 minutes in to the third.

Fight 13

Kacper Wrobel (Lord MMA) used a triangle submission to take the win from Charlie Wright (Keddles Gym) just 43 seconds in to the first round.

Fight 14

Krystoff Pawlaczek (Dragonslair MMA) wins in the 1.56 minutes of the first round by KO against Brendan Young (1st Generation MMA)

Fight 15

Matt Rodgers (Combat Sports Academy) and James Farn (BKK Fighters) fgo the full three rounds and after a split decision James Farn takes it home.

Fight 16

Lexi Rook (1st Generation MMA) wins this by unanimous decision after the full three rounds against Hannah Ingram (5 Elements Martial Arts).

Fight 17

Eric Veyrier (KMRED) wins in 22.4 seconds of the first round by KO against Perry Snooks (BKK Fighters).

Fight 18

Luke Trainer comes out to talk to the crown as his fight was called off, after being offered the belt and refusing it Luke spoke with us to tell us how he was feeling. Stay tuned to get the full interview.

Fight 19

Molly Lindsay (5 Elements Martial Arts) wins this after the full three rounds gets a unanimous decision in her favour against Camilla Bergstrøm (Frontline Muay Thai)

Fight 20

Phuong Tran (Fighters Lab Oslo) wins this fight by KO against Spalding (BKK Fighters)

Fight 21

Muhidin Abubakar (ESKF) uses an arm bar to submit his Opponent Alex Boyd (Lions Den Fighters) 1.05 minutes in to round 2.

Fight 22

Blue Charlotte McKintyre (Richmond MMA) won this with a majority decision against Arziko Bregu (Renato Subotic).

Fight 23

Stefano Morotti (Venkon Fight Team) takes the win 50 seconds in to the first round by verbal submission from Hamza Hindy (Force MMA)

Fight 24

After a cracking fight and some great takedowns this fight went the full three rounds with Jack Eglin (Dragonslair MMA) winning by unanimous decision against Francesco Lo Galbo (Renato Subotic)

We caught up with Jack Eglin after the fight, make sure to sign up to see the exclusive interview.

Fight 25

Ollie Sarwa (Force MMA) wins this 2.40 minutes into round three by TKO against John Parthaugen (Honefoss MMA).

Fight 26

Jon Vetle Furuheim (Frontline Muay Thai) wins by TKO 2.26 minutes into round three against Markus Haegland (Stavanger MMA Centre)

Fight 27

Jorgen Indsetviken (Honefoss MMA) takes this fight with a rear naked choke in round two against his opponent James Vandergheynst (Lamiro Fight Club).

Fight 28

Oban Elliott (Impact MMA) wins this fight 39/7 seconds in to the first round by stoppage after unanswered strikes against Jamie Ward (Keddles Gym).

Fight 29

Alan Reynolds (GNG FREESTYLE WRESTLING CLUB) won this fight 54 seconds in to the first round by stoppage due to unanswered strikes on the ground against Ismail Blagoje

Fight 30

Georgia Tanasa (BKK Fighters) wins this fight in only 41 seconds of round one by TKO against Nathan Phillpot (Lord MMA).

There you have it, the results to every fight,

and as promised check out this little playlist from the night.

CWSE22 Playlist

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