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Cage Warriors 97 - Highlights (Updated with interview snippets!)

Updated: Oct 3, 2018

In this blog you'll get a run down of our experience the Pro Prelims and Main Card, as well as some exclusive interviews (being uploaded soon) with Jack Shore & Mason Jones.

Not only that but we've got a bonus for you, a taster of the songs the fighters walked out to!

Lets dive right in.

We were watching from ring-side reporting exclusively for RYP!

We're sure you'll already know the results of these fights so we'll just give you a quick rundown. But that's not what you're here for, you're here for the exclusive interviews from star fighters! So read on for sneak previews to the official videos which will be launched this week! Don't miss out, remember to subscribe!

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Steve Aimable vs Liam Bennett

We arrived with plenty of time to prepare for the Pro Prelims, which we were very excited about, in particular because our guy Steve Diddy Kong Aimable was stepping up to the plate for a short notice fight with Liam Bennett!

Steve Aimable Looking Ready!

And what a fight it was, Very early on Liam Bennett comes out fiercely, but Steve told us in an exclusive interview (being released later this week) that this is what he expected and it was a part of his game plan. He then comes back with a solid head shot, knocking Liam Bennett to the ground.

Steve did not waste the opportunity and went in for the kill, finishing the fight in 14 SECONDS! We've got more on Steve coming soon!

As you can imagine Steve had some great support, and the crowd was buzzing after seeing such an incredible finish, one of the quickest in Cage Warriors history.

Struan Croxan Following took the win from Michael Corsten by a unanimous decision.

Luiz Finocchio secures the win against Brett Hassett by submission.

Luke Shanks & Jason Jenkins go all the way but Luke takes it with a unanimous decision.

Main Card

Cory McKenna vs Micol DiSegni (Strawweight)

On to the Main Card where we see our fighter Cory McKenna start off this section of fights.

Corey McKenna Walking out to The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger - YouTube

An absolute all out brawl between these two fighters Corey McKenna and Micol DiSegni.

Corey with some incredible take downs, and each fighter landing some devastating blows. They also take the fight right through to the end.

This was such a close fight but unfortunately Corey ended up not taking the win by a split decision.

There was so much support in there for Corey McKenna, you could feel the love from the audience. And if you couldn't feel it, you could definitely hear it! Her fans (which included the RYP team) were going mad for her.

This time it was not meant to be. But knowing Corey, we know she will bounce back. Hard! She's an incredible fighter and only being 19 years old we have no doubt that she will be an MMA superstar! (Sneak preview, so does Jack shore as we ask him in our exclusive interview, be sure to keep up to date and subscribe!)

Brian Bouland takes the win after going all the rounds with Kris Edwards via unanimous decision.

Aaron Khalid does well to win after submitting Jamie Richardson in the first round by rear naked choke.

Mason Jones vs Kacper Formela

A brilliant fight, Mason Jones, undefeated (now 6 - 0) took this victory. But it was not without it's challenges.

Early in the fight Mason takes some pretty heavy hits, but in his own words, he's tough so powered through, and that's what he plans to do with anyone he fights.

After receiving the heavy blows from Kacper and having a head kick foiled and countered with a clean hit, Mason comes back strong and and lands some devastating blows.

You can see how determined Mason is in the fight, taking hits that would seriously damage most people and still pushing on. Coming back and turning the finale in to an all out beasting session! Landing knees and punches that really damaged Kacper.

You can also hear this in his exclusive RYP interview where he tells us just how committed he is MMA, Fighting 6 times in just over a year! Making him one of the most active fighters in the sport.

What a prospect Mason Jones is, we're excited to see what's next for this unbelievable fighter.

We were fortunate enough to get an interview with Mason where he tells us his thoughts on the fight and his battle plan.

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Jack Shore vs Weslley Maia The Final Fight!!

Another unbelievable fight from an incredible prospect.

Just the same as Corey McKenna and Mason Jones the crowd were absolutely buzzing to Jack Shore coming out and supporting him, chanting and cheering throughout.

The love of these fans must be among the strongest that there is, these fans adore their fighter, it's truly inspiring and you can be sure that all three would have taken strength from their fans and both Jack and Mason tell us how proud they are to fight for them.

Jack Shore, unfortunately not fighting for the title this time round is still taking on a decent opponent - Weslley Maia.

But Weslley wasn't enough for the tenacious Jack Shore who takes this fight in the first round round by TKO.

We caught up with Jack after the fight, he told us how he thought it went and how he feels about the night.

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Oh yeah!

As promised a playlist to the walkout songs!

Cage Warriors 97 Walkout Music